Prof. Paul Thomas (our Managing Director) has appeared on several TV programmes, radio shows and in many written articles. Specific areas of expertise include the biology, cultivation, hunting and cooking methods of the wide range of truffle species. If you would like an interview or require information for an article then please use our contact form and we would be very happy to help.

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  • Samantha Ellis

    From guidance in orchard establishment, tree supply and management to our own truffle distribution network, we've got all angles covered

    Samantha Ellis
    Business Development
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    Thorough and scientific methodologies, attention to detail and having a committed partner at every step of the way, is the only reliable approach to truffle cultivation

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    With our own genetics lab and research sites in 23 countries, we are truly world-leading in the field

    Daniel Paskin
    Nursery Manager
June 14, 2015

Patches of bare earth ignite truffle dreams

Some very exciting news- earlier this autumn we received photos from our welsh plantation showing a very distinct ‘brûlé’. A brûlé is a burnt-looking patch of ground, devoid of vegetation underneath the tree caused by the truffle fungus- these normally take several years to appear and signal imminent onset of fruiting of the truffle. This is particularly exciting as they have appeared on around 70-80% of trees planted last winter! With an average age of 9months (from planting), these results are every exciting indeed,
June 14, 2015

The Italian white truffle, in England?

The beginning of October saw an exciting e-mail arrive at Mycorrhizal Systems HQ. We received a claim that the most expensive white truffle species, Tuber magnatum, had been found by a gardener in Southern England. Descriptions in the e-mail of the truffle and how/where it was found seemed to substantiate the claim. However, after a request for a sample for DNA testing the ‘truffle finder’ disappeared. Did he really find white truffles and disappear to sell his hoard? Or did the alleged find turn out to be something else and the embarrassment prevent further contact?
June 13, 2015

South African truffles making the headlines

Mycorrhizal Systems is still making waves across South Africa. This month they have been filling the airwaves, appeared in yet more magazine articles and have recently also received national TV exposure. For further details and information on truffle cultivation in South Africa please contact us
June 13, 2015

Truffles down under, some of the most expensive truffles in the world

Whilst northern hemisphere truffle hunters are busying themselves in the summer truffle season, July is harvesting time for the Perigord truffle (Tuber melanosporum) in the southern hemisphere.