Truffle Trees & Consultancy

We grow and supply truffle inoculated trees in any number. Trees are seed zone certified, fully quality controlled and issued with plant health documents.
We also offer a broad range of analytical services to help prospective growers such as tree root testing for truffle fungi, DNA analysis and soil/climate checks. If you’re not sure what tests you need, don’t worry as we are very happy to guide you.   
Please get in contact  and we will help you as best we can

Access to the world's largest research database

One of the most exciting aspects of Mycorrhizal Systems model is that we have a number of plantations across the globe in a broad range of climatic and soil conditions. All sites have been started with the same technology and this leads to what we believe is the largest unified data-set in truffle cultivation in the world.

This network of data gathering makes our research extremely strong and also allows experimentation with a large number of systems. This means that we have dealt with extreme climatic conditions and other issues before, so we are well placed to advise you if any problem should occur.

Working with MSL, you’ll also be benefiting from the results of our on-going global trials. From testing new in-field methods, to our own genetics lab, it is you (our customers) who benefit from the fruits of this research. We’ve learnt that advice on truffle growing needs to be site-specific - there is no one model that can be applied to all sites, advice needs to be tailored, and we have the expertise to work with your conditions.

It is this kind of research, attention to detail and scale that really sets us apart. The map below shows the some of the countries in which we are actively cultivating truffles and researching.

Truffle cultivation and research map

Low establishment costs

In Mediterranean climates, only a few hundred truffle inoculated saplings may be planted on a hectare, whereas in the UK we know that around 1600 is optimal. Start-up costs therefore range from around £5,000 to £17,600 per hectare (2.47 acres).

Site selection

Remember, there are a range of truffle species, each suited to different climates and soil types. We can guide you on what's suitable and possible for your own site. Despite what you may have read, the soil also doesn't need to be alkaline, the majority of our sites have started off with acidic soil.


We can offer you full guidance, expertise, training, intensive scientific monitoring and be on the forefront of truffle production technology.

Harvesting and distribution

We have our own experts, ready to guide you on harvesting methods and our own global truffle distribute network, which we’d like you to be part of.

To receive a document fully explaining truffle cultivation and what we offer, please contact us with your location details and we look forward to hearing from you.



European Truffle thriving in California

In many areas of North America, truffle sites are often planted adjacent to vineyards.

Maturing Yorkshire truffle orchard

This plantation has been extremely well cared for, with excellent attention to weed control and, is regularly & successfully hunted.
Scottish Orchard

Fruiting Scottish truffle orchard

Production was first discovered in 2017, which was 6 years from planting.
Scottish orchard maintenance

Welsh orchard producing summer and winter truffles

At around 5Ha, the site is a good-sized commercial plantation and was planted primarily with a mix of Oak and Hazel trees inoculated with summer/autumn truffle
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    Thorough and scientific methodologies, attention to detail and having a committed partner at every step of the way, is the only reliable approach to truffle cultivation

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