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    Tel: +44(0)3332427831




    Prof. Paul Thomas

    MD and Scientific Manager

    Responsible for the scientific development of MSL BSc (Hons.). PhD. FRSA.

    Lyndsay McFarlane

    Business development

    Lyndsay is your first point of contact for business development & client liaison.

    Samantha Ellis

    Marketing, PR and Media

    Based in the UK, Sam is available for Marketing, PR and Media enquiries.

    Bill Fone

    Regional Sales Agent

    Bill is licensed to sell MSL products in the UK. He can assess the suitability of your land and advise on truffle cultivation.

    Daniel Paskin

    Nursery Manager

    Oversees all areas of our European tree nursery and production, supervising a team of key staff members. Daniel is also responsible for tree order dispatch and loading.

    Chris Frodsham

    Retail manager

    Chris assists with the care of the truffles trees at our nursery and manages the retail tree sales.

    Robert Chang

    Manager for USA and Canada

    Responsible for running our American and Canadian activities through the American Truffle Company and runs our Napa Truffle festival.

    Leon Potgieter

    Manager for South Africa

    Responsible for running our South African activities through Truffle Growers SA

    Registered in England, company number: 5363860


    • With our own genetics lab and research sites in 23 countries, we are truly world-leading in the field
      Daniel Paskin
      Nursery Manager
    • Thorough and scientific methodologies, attention to detail and having a committed partner at every step of the way, is the only reliable approach to truffle cultivation
      Dr Paul Thomas
      General Director
    • From guidance in orchard establishment, tree supply and management to our own truffle distribution network, we've got all angles covered
      Samantha Ellis
      Business Development


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