MSL’s Research

MSL’s Research

As you are probably aware if you are a regular subscriber to our newsletters, we pride ourselves on our scientific knowledge and ground-breaking research into truffle cultivation. We have recently added a new page to our website.

This page details our research that is in the public domain, by way of publication in academic journals and scientific conferences. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. With research projects spanning 23 countries, the majority of our results are held in-house and used exclusively to help advise those we are working with to grow truffles. This keeps our truffle cultivation partners on the cutting edge.

Over the last couple of months, MSL has been busy planting our latest experimental site. This site has over 1,800 trees all inoculated with different edible fungi species, from truffles to porcini and birch boletus.

We will bring you regular updates from the site, and will eventually stock the most successful species for you to cultivate yourself.

For more information about truffle cultivation please get in touch at or call 01422 844095


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