Help for UK Truffle Hunters

Help for UK Truffle Hunters

Interest in truffle hunting has been gaining ground recently and there are now a good number of truffle hunters working the woodlands across the UK. Our Truffle Hunting dog school has also had some excellent students and we frequently have requests from people who have trained dogs and who would like access to truffle plantations to keep their dogs in practice. As most readers will know, here at MSL we have a large network of truffle plantations and can offer training grounds for those in need. If you have a truffle dog, no matter what their skill and are looking for a local site to run them on please get in contact and we may be able to provide access to a plantation. Priority is given to students from the Truffle Hunting dog school, and we recommend that all interested parties have had training in our facilities. If you're interested in this offer, no matter what your skill level, then please do contact us or Tel: +44(0)1422 844 095

If you are interested in training your dog to hunt for truffles and would like to know more please visit or email our expert dog trainer Marion on


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