Truffles – The secret to hair removal?

Truffles - The secret to hair removal?

A new luxury hair removal product has just been launched, and its main ingredient is the black winter truffle (Tuber melanosporum). According to the manufacturer the black truffle is a powerful hair growth inhibitor and contains protein active enzymes that deliver the active ingredients to the core of the hair shaft. Could this be a new niche for the truffle market? Perhaps not. We have done our own research and cannot find any proof that winter truffles inhibit hair growth, at least not in humans! Winter truffles can alter root hair growth in plants but there is no reference in the scientific literature pertaining to humans that we could find. Although it may not help in hair removal, the truffle extract could still help with attraction, as described below...

We're sure that most readers will know that truffles contain a high concentration of pheromones, which contribute to the distinctive aroma. The main pheromone, androstenol, is a hormone that is normally produced by boars.

This hormone is key in sexual attraction in boars and pigs, which explains why they love truffles so much. It is also now widely believed to play a similar role in humans, after research showed that women rate men as more attractive when they have been exposed to androstenol. This could be the reason that Greeks and Romans attributed therapeutic and aphrodisiac properties to the truffle that were still acknowledged as late as the 19th century.

It seems that there may well be truth in the old stories of truffles being aphrodisiacs, so a truffle-leaden dinner could be an excellent choice for a late Valentine's meal. For more information on any aspect of truffles, please do get in or +44(0) 1422 844 095.


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