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July 14, 2015

New Growers Seminar

Unfortunately because of the heavy snowfall in January the growers’ seminar had to be cancelled, so we want to apologise to all of the people who were planning to attend. The event is for everyone and anyone who has an interest in truffles and truffle cultivation. The day consists of a fascinating presentation covering all aspects of truffle growing and plenty of time to ask any questions that you might have. We have re-scheduled this now for the 26th of February, so please email for more information and to book/confirm your place.
July 14, 2015

Napa Truffle Festival update

Earlier in the month Dr Thomas was in Napa Valley, California, presenting at the third Annual Napa Truffle Festival. Again the event was sold out and a triumphant success with the festival highlight being a truffle feast prepared by a number of Michelin starred chefs. You can see an overview of the festival in the link below:… MSL are hoping to bring a similar festival to the UK, and updates will follow in the Newsletter.
July 14, 2015

Truffle hunting terrier

The Daily Mail (14th October 1012) managed to pick up on this story before us, but we liked it so much we thought we would share it with you…When Nellie the English bull terrier kept digging up the back garden, her owners were not best pleased. But it turned out Nellie wasn’t just enjoying a little meaningless destruction – she was busy discovering a gold mine. The couple were astonished to find their dog had unearthed a stash of valuable black summer truffles. Nellie has been finding truffles for the past six years – uncovering 500 grams of the fungi this year alone.
July 14, 2015

Planting and Tree Deliveries

The prime tree planting time of November – March is now upon us. Traditionally, November to March are the best months to plant, as the trees are dormant and planting in the winter allows the truffley-roots plenty of time to settle in before mycorrhiza and root-growth starts again in spring.
July 14, 2015

Napa Truffle Festival

The third annual Napa Truffle Festival is rapidly approaching and will again showcase the revered black winter Périgord truffle: Tuber melanosporum, while bringing together a unique gathering of leading truffle cultivation experts and scientists, special guests from the food and wine world, and internationally-renowned Michelin Star chefs to discuss, examine, probe, prepare, demonstrate and, finally, pair truffles with wines to feast upon for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
July 14, 2015

We need truffle hunters urgently

Despite producing truffles on some very young trees this year, there are still many plantations out there that are well managed but are virgin territory for the truffle dogs. Some of these sites are in their 5th year and could well be producing truffles right now, but we need some trained dogs to help us find them.
July 14, 2015

Truffles are the new bling

Rapper Jay-Z recently spent an incredible €15,000 on three kilos of white truffles while on holiday in Italy. Will demand soar further thanks to such a ringing endorsement from the King of Bling himself? The rapper has a reputation for making, and breaking, other luxury brands. As far as we are concerned, anything that brings truffle awareness to the masses can only be a good thing.
July 14, 2015

UK grants and still time to create a plantation this year

Planting a truffle wood in the UK currently qualifies for a huge grant of up to £4,800 per hectare and annual maintenance payments for 15 years. However, grants are being reduced after this coming planting season, so now is the time to get started. If you are interested in creating a truffle plantation please contact us at or Tel: 01422 844095. We will send you a free information pack and provide a free soil test to assess the suitability of the potential site.

  • With our own genetics lab and research sites in 23 countries, we are truly world-leading in the field
    Daniel Paskin
    Nursery Manager
  • Thorough and scientific methodologies, attention to detail and having a committed partner at every step of the way, is the only reliable approach to truffle cultivation
    Dr Paul Thomas
    General Director
  • From guidance in orchard establishment, tree supply and management to our own truffle distribution network, we've got all angles covered
    Samantha Ellis
    Business Development

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