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June 16, 2015

Forbes extravagant meals and truffles raise millions for charity

December saw Forbes compile a list of the 11 most extravagant meals. Truffles featured three times, with a White Truffle Dinner at Les Amis (Singapore) coming fourth, at 800USD per person, not including wine! In fifth place was the 5,000USD burger by Fleur de Lys chef Hubert Keller (Las Vegas) featuring kobe beef, foie gras and truffles. Finally, in ninth place was the Chef’s Table at L’Espadon Paris with a menu that includes “cappuccino-style” mashed potatoes, which featured truffles and cocoa.
June 16, 2015

Tuber magnatum auction update

The 11th Global Alba Truffle Auction was recently held in the small town of Grinzane Cavour near Alba, Italy. Private-equity investor Joseph Bae, of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., Hong Kong, set his sights on an exquisite Alba Truffle. This particular truffle weighed in at 750gms (1lb 10oz) and was eventually bought by Mr Bae for a princely sum of 1 million Hong Kong Dollars, or £90,000.
June 16, 2015

Science presented in Vienna

This month we’re excited to be presenting our research at the First European Conference on the “European” Truffle Tuber aestivum/uncinatum. Hosted at the Biodiversity Center of the University of Vienna, this is a small gathering of scientists that we hope will strengthen in numbers with each meeting.
June 16, 2015

Truffle trees from local seeds

Location, location, location. The timeless advice on buying property can also be linked to truffle cultivation. Here at Mycorrhizal Systems we believe seed provenance to be really quite important. Many of our new plantations are started with a proportion of the planting stock grown from locally sourced seed. An example of this is our plantings in Baltic countries. The majority of the plantations are still planted with seed that we have tried-and-tested and proven to be an excellent host, but the percentage produced with attention to provenance is important for a number of reasons.
June 16, 2015

Wild truffles in Finland

Several wild borchii truffles were found in Finland only recently after a scientific survey. The small quantity previously reported may not be indicative of the country’s wild-harvest potential as a recent article in the Helsingin Sanomat (international edition) proves. With the increase of truffle interest in the Finnish media, truffle awareness has grown and so too have truffle finds.
June 16, 2015

Truffle identification

The prestige and price is a constant carrot to encourage many would-be truffle hunters and we’re often sent pictures of finds from around the world. Very rarely do these turn out to be actual edible truffles, so it is always wise to get your haul identified. Truffles are generally quite a distinctive group of fungi, but the promise of something very special can lead people to convince themselves that what they’ve found is actually more truffle-like than it really is. The number one fungi mistaken for truffles are earth balls ( Scleroderma
June 16, 2015

Kew Gardens partnership

This month has seen the start of our new research project with Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens is an internationally important botanical research and education institution with around 700 staff and the world’s largest collection of living plants. Kew’s
June 16, 2015

Truffle levy in Australia?

Australia’s having a good season with around 1.5tonnes of truffles tipped to be harvested in 2009. However, not all is rosy down-under with many sites underperforming and frustration among some farmers. This is not surprising as we’ve always maintained that you really do need real-research driven expertise on board to ensure the success of your truffle orchard.

  • With our own genetics lab and research sites in 23 countries, we are truly world-leading in the field
    Daniel Paskin
    Nursery Manager
  • Thorough and scientific methodologies, attention to detail and having a committed partner at every step of the way, is the only reliable approach to truffle cultivation
    Dr Paul Thomas
    General Director
  • From guidance in orchard establishment, tree supply and management to our own truffle distribution network, we've got all angles covered
    Samantha Ellis
    Business Development


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