Dr Paul Thomas (our managing director) has appeared on several TV programmes, radio shows and in many written articles. Specific areas of expertise include the biology, cultivation, hunting and cooking methods of the wide range of truffle species. If you would like an interview or require information for an article then please use our contact form (LINK) and we would be very happy to help.

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July 14, 2015

UK grants and still time to create a plantation this year

Planting a truffle wood in the UK currently qualifies for a huge grant of up to £4,800 per hectare and annual maintenance payments for 15 years. However, grants are being reduced after this coming planting season, so now is the time to get started. If you are interested in creating a truffle plantation please contact us at or Tel: 01422 844095. We will send you a free information pack and provide a free soil test to assess the suitability of the potential site.
July 14, 2015

4th International Conference on Tuber aestivum/uncinatum

The 4th international conference on Tuber aestivum syn. uncinatum, was held at the end of September in Budapest, Hungary. The conference includes two full days of lectures from top truffle scientists from around the world, including Dr. Paul Thomas. Paul presented some of our latest research about the importance of the relationship between pH levels and mycorrhiza coverage utilizing far larger data sets than have ever been published. Also on the agenda were meetings to discuss the truffle industry and potential legislation.
June 21, 2015

Recipe for disaster

Every chef has a tale of things gone awry, a kitchen incident they would rather forget. But when asked, most chefs have no hesitation recounting their difficult moments on the job.
June 21, 2015

New Growing Facilities

MSL have moved growing facilities! We have recently moved all our trees to a large glasshouse facility in the North West (UK). The extra space will allow us to grow more stock and conduct more experimental work. We are currently trialling a new inoculation method for the elusive white truffleTuber magnatum, the most valuable of all truffles. It’s early days yet but we will of course keep you updated.
June 21, 2015

Firewood Fair on 2nd September

The Lincolnshire Firewood Fair is an event that was started in 2009, organised by the Forestry Commission and people from within the private sector to encourage people to burn firewood produced sustainably from local woodlands. The fair also aims to provide the public with information about seasoning and types of firewood as well as having a variety of wood burning stoves and other equipment on show.
June 21, 2015

Droughts in Eastern Europe

A severe drought in Eastern Europe has damaged crops and raised concerns over the area’s economy. Eastern Europe is a big producer of wild-harvested summer truffles, and we have noticed a steep decline in harvests this season. There are worries that the prolonged drought could also impact next year’s harvest, which will inevitably push up the prices for the summer truffle. Luckily the summer truffle is very drought tolerant and should recover well, but in the meantime we will be looking at higher than usual prices for the delicacy.
June 21, 2015

Duck Eggs with Summer Truffles

To get you in the mood for summer, and the summer truffle season, try this summer truffle recipe. Preparing the truffles Give the truffles a quick rinse under running water and gently brush away the soil with a truffle brush (or unused tooth-brush). A sharp knife or adjustable cheese plane can replace expensive truffle shavers, but a fixed cheese plane will slice too thick. What you’ll need -2 tbsp duck fat -4 duck eggs -1 summer truffle -hot buttered toast, to serve
June 20, 2015

August Truffle Cultivation Seminar

August 7th is now confirmed as the date that we’ll be running our next truffle cultivation seminar. The event is for everyone and anyone who has an interest in truffles and truffle cultivation. The day will consist of a fascinating presentation covering all aspects of truffle growing and plenty of time to ask any questions that you might have. The event will be held at Bradley Park Golf Course, Bradley Road, Huddersfield. HD2 1PZ, if you would like to reserve a place, please do get in contact.

  • With our own genetics lab and research sites in 23 countries, we are truly world-leading in the field
    Daniel Paskin
    Nursery Manager
  • Thorough and scientific methodologies, attention to detail and having a committed partner at every step of the way, is the only reliable approach to truffle cultivation
    Dr Paul Thomas
    General Director
  • From guidance in orchard establishment, tree supply and management to our own truffle distribution network, we've got all angles covered
    Samantha Ellis
    Business Development


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