Grant offers up to £9,000 per hectare to grow truffles in Wales

Recently pupils from Moncreiffe Primary School in Perth were digging up their vegetable patch and discovered a “mystery” truffle. Head teacher Karen Young said: “Children from one of the school gardening groups were harvesting their potatoes, onions and beans, when they dug up something they didn’t recognise.”

Grant offers up to £9,000 per hectare to grow truffles in Wales

The new Glastir woodland creation grant provides support for the costs of creating new woodlands including truffle plantations.

It is part of the woodland creation scheme in with the aim to create more native and mixed woodland for Wales.
The exceptionally generous scheme will provide up to £9,000 per hectare for farmers and land owners planting native trees and was launched last month. The scheme also includes a planting grant, covering the first 3 years, an income foregone payment over 15 years and also a payment of £3.15 per metre for new fencing.

If your based in Wales and would like to apply, please be aware that the deadline is soon approaching. Applications need to be submitted by the 22nd of November (16th for new applicants), so please apply as soon as possible! More information can be found at  or email and we will guide you through the process, including how to tailor a planting-plan for truffle cultivation.

This is fantastic news for farmers and land owners who are looking to set up plantations in Wales, the scheme could pay for nearly all of the costs of setting up a truffle plantation in a country with an ideal climate for summer truffle cultivation.


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